Milano System Upgrades

Make sure you're up to date with Milano's on-going upgrades to better serve you and your overall business.

  • (January 24, 2014):
    • Customizable Online Booking Confirmation Messages
    • Web Browser in Milano can open default browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome)
    • Grouping functionality in the Gift Card Sales Report
    • Hide inventory or service codes sent by Head Office to Stores
  • (May 9, 2013):
    • Speed improvements when opening client card and the corresponding sales history
  • (April 17, 2013)
    • Improved visibility of Purchase Orders when exporting to HTML
    • Added Service Performance Report by Staff and by Store at Head Office
  • (February 25, 2013):
    • Disconnect users from Milano
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Know which version you're on...

  1. Open Milano Software
  2. If you have security enabled, log in
  3. Click the middle of the screen so that no dropdown menus appear
  4. Hold the CTRL key and press F1 on your keyboard
  5. You will see the screeen above. The version number is inside the brackets. In the screenshot above, it's
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