Allowing small businesses to thrive

Providing you a fully functional and reliable software for small business operations. Any business, big or small, are the very foundation of the economy and Milano serves to contribute in the easy operations of these businesses.


Staff Management at its best

Flexible scheduling options allow you to optimize staff scheduling. Monitor and plan staff production goals to increase revenue. Flexible service pricing allows you to set a different price for each employee. Some of Milano SmallBusiness features include but not limited to:

Easily control staff schedule
Display availability upon booking
Quickly schedule recurring breaks and blocked time
Smart Card authentication integration
Seamless gratuity allocation and reporting
Auto-logout through inactivity to prevent unauthorized access
Hazed screen through inactivity to protect privacy

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Maintaining Customer Relationships

Full Customer Relations Management System. Keep track of all your clients in one place as well as making their experience as memorable as possible by sending them birthday emails, special benefits for their loyalty and other attributes of the like.

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