Affordable booking software to suit your needs

Milano Lite Software is great for any starting business. Whether you've just opened up or are always on the go and in need of a booking management system, Milano Lite Software is the place to start catering to your management needs.


Keep track of all your inventory

  • Create and manage codes for retail and professional products as well as services
  • Manage inventory that is damaged, consumed, or shipped back to suppliers
  • Manually track depletion of professional product
  • Automatically create purchase order based on sales history or min/max
  • Streamline inventory counting with an inventory scanner

Make it personal

Send appointment reminders, birthday notifications and even email personalized letters to your clients making your business more memorable leaving a positive impression on your clients.


Keep your staff information organized

As the pillars of your business, your staff is the backbone of day to day operations. Keep all their information, schedules and availability all in one location ensuring an easy to follow business management technique. Utilize some of the many staff management features including:

Secured login Smart Card authentication integration Seamless gratuity allocation and reporting Auto-logout through inactivity to prevent unauthorized access

Quick Accounting & Report Tools

Make it easy to stay one step ahead of all your business accounting and analytics. Full detailed financial reporting, summarized financial business analysis, petty cash usage tracking and client performance reporting are all amongst some of MilanoLite's accounting features.

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