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We know how hard it can be to use something you've never used before. That's why we offer training for all of our clients. With the many training sessions, webinars and on-site support packages we offer, Milano will help you run your business efficiently.

The Milano Team is Your Team

The Milano team is always there to ensure the best utilization of its platform for your business use.


WEBINAR Course List

To guarantee the full utilization of Milano Software for the productivity of your business.

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Get the Results You Want

We deliver our education and training in various methods to address your needs. Our methods of training include:

(1) On-site Training:
where our educational consultants are available to come to you for on-site support, training and installation to accommodate your unique environment.

(2) Remote Assistance:
which is included with the purchase of your software, our Educational Consultants will meet with you by phone and, with your permission, connect to your software over a high speed connection that will enable us to work in real time on your actual software.

(3) Webinars:
dedicating a whole two hours to ensure that you are fully utilizing the software to its maximum capacity

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